New Builds

The importance of making an aquaponic system profitable is to build smartly. Not only building a system that works well, but built cost effectively.

We feel it’s important to show you alternative means to build within your budget. We have built systems on our farm along the expensive route as well as with cheaper alternatives such as using reclaimed materials. The alternative systems produce crops as successfully as the expensive systems.

Aquaponics Africa supplies and installs complete turnkey growing systems. From home systems to commercial size units we can assist you. If you are interested, please contact us for a quotation.

Our Options Are:

  • We require you to attend our training courses to first understand the operations of aquaponics.
  • We can organise and build your whole system for you.
  • For the DIY enthusiast we offer planning assistance at a fee.
  • We offer site visits at a fee during your build.
  • We can custom services according to your needs.