Fresh Produce

We sell our fresh produce under our brand, Harvest Thyme. Our vegetables are fresh, crispy and they are herbicide, pesticide and chemical free. All produce is handpicked, sorted and then packaged ready for the market. We supply our produce to our local community and various stores in our area.

Tusker Taste Africa is our brand of sauces produced with ingredients from Aquaponics Africa’s system. The sauces are made with our homegrown jalapenos and fresh coriander. They are artisinally produced in small batches, contain no preservatives and are also gluten free.

We produce a Dhania Sauce, which is a family favourite, as well as a Mild Chilli Sauce and for those seeking a bit more heat, we have our Hot Chilli Sauce. At the Port Elizabeth 2022 Chilli Festival, our Dhania and Mild Chilli Sauces came first in the Mild Sauces category.

We have mild and hot versions of the Dhania and Chilli Sauces. We also introduced no added sugar options where we added honey instead of sugar as an ingredient. Please contact us should you wish to order.