This is the original Aquaponics Africa CK2002/080811/23 established in the year of 1998.

Aquaponics Africa was started by Ken Konschel 25 years ago. Ken has been recognised by the International Foundation for Science in recognition for innovative work and ideas for development in East and Southern Africa, in association with the International Institute of Inventors. (2003)

He has also received a gold award presented to him by Farmers Weekly 2003, as a winner in the Farmers Weekly Invention Awards Competition. Ken is a pioneer of aquaponics in Southern Africa and has a wealth of knowledge and experience built up that he is willing to share with those wanting to learn about aquaculture and sustainable farming practices. Ken has handed over the reins to Jacques Prinsloo and is still a mentor and friend of the company. The company is now owned by Jacques Prinsloo that’s been running a successful commercial operation since 2019. Jacques’ background is engineering. He is a qualified helicopter technician and marine engineer with a diploma in mechanical engineering. Jacques has surrounded himself with quality people and aquaponics is for anyone with a passion for farming and here at Aquaponics Africa we are excited to show you how we go about it.


To create a practical urban agricultural educational centre consisting of permaculture, hydroponics and aquaponics.


Our vision is to educate and empower our communities to be self-sustainable and have a place for students studying agriculture to practically apply themselves.


Aquaponics is the raising of fish and hydroponics (growing of plants in water without soil) together as one.

Aquaponics Africa is a working commercial system providing fresh produce to the community.

We would love to have you visit us and experience what aquaponics is all about.


At Aquaponics Africa we have built up a facility we would like to share with you. We have systems that successfully produce beautiful vegetable crops to our local community, flowers for a local nursery and quality sauces made from our own crops, that won best mild sauce at the Port Elizabeth Chili Festival 2022.

We are able to provide a complete service for sustainable farming practices.


In these times of rising food prices we feel it's important for people to become more self-sustaining.

We want to share our knowledge obtained from practical experience to enable more people to become sustainable.

We offer various options on our practical training courses from a Saturday morning to a more in depth 5 day course. Accommodation is available on site.